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BBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation Content

BBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Duration : 3 Years

Eligibility : XII'th in Arts or Science or Commerce


If you have an inextinguishable fire in your belly to create your own business or expand and replenish the existing one, if you have a deep inspiration to conquer, if the plethora of winning ideas overwhelm you day and night, if you have an insatiable urge to fly and tear all shackles of limitations, if you dream of making a series of business ideas a grand success and make the world look at you with an awe, BBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is the most suitable program for you.

With the advent of 'Make in India' revolution and a favorable public policy to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation, a huge deluge of talented individuals in India, and the whole Indian economy, are expecting an unprecedented cataclysm in terms of innovative businesses, ingenious ideas, wonderful and novel start-ups; a new talent-based revolution is in the doorstep. With her unbeatable reputation as the most resilient economy in the world, India is poised to be the innovation leader by 2030. It is time for India to regain her ancient glory with the fresh regiment of innovators and entrepreneurs hidden among you.

The whole economy of a nation is born and given a shape by the innovative entrepreneurs living in it. Entrepreneurs change the perspective of overall developments of a nation and its society. They do not just create their businesses but with it, they bring in prosperity for people at large, improve lifestyles, open doors for new ideas, inspirations and positive possibilities, and place a nation among the most respected league. With an increasing availability of favorable conditions for new businesses, Indian youth has a tremendous potential to emerge as the new-age entrepreneurs at par with those in developed countries. Here is a great new opportunity to initiate an unending chain reaction of begetting infinite opportunities.

Entrepreneurship consists of innumerable abilities, skills and expertise. An entrepreneur has to possess an ability right from visualizing a product or a service to bringing it into reality understanding the market aspirations, customer expectations and emotions, of course amidst the harsh business realities of the present time. He is both a mother and a father of his business. An entrepreneur needs to have the whole gamut of knowledge and wide range of innovative spirit.

At ADYPU School of Management you will have an opportunity to learn and develop multiple skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur. In this rigorous program, you will learn to understand markets, analyze business data from variety of angles, conduct independent research and develop research activities, operations and finance into a well-blended business strategy. The program will enable you to build your confidence and a solid base of skills to successfully launch your own business idea at the end.

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