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BBA Film & Media Content

BBA Film & Media

Duration : 3 years

Eligibility : XII’th in Arts or Science or Commerce


If you are passionate about films, have interest in film as an art form and object of study, want to develop an understanding about the film culture and language, then this is the right course for you.

The program will help you to develop skills in analyzing cinema with a deep understanding of underlying theory and appreciation of rich history of the world of cinema. It will imbibe in you critical thinking coupled with hands-on experience in all areas of film production - from documentary and fiction, to filmmaking and critical writing. You will gain a strong background in humanities and will attain skills in verbal, visual and written expression.

Throughout the program, you will be challenged to apply advanced critical and analytical skills to produce an original argument that is well researched clear and organized. You will imagine new ideas, organize them and present as cogent oral presentations so as to contribute thoughtfully to discussions on film history, theory, and practice.

At each juncture in the course you will be encouraged to challenge your preconceptions, work imaginatively and be curious about the world that you aim to represent. You will fully explore different aspects of filmmaking and establish yourself in a key specialist role, such as direction, producing, editing, cinematography and sound design.

You will be prepared to construct meaning from the moving image by the power of your critical writing skills, analytical thought, and comprehension. You will explore a range of cinematic practices that have helped films evolve as a globalized art form.

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