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B. Tech. Biomedical Engineering Content

B. Tech. Biomedical Engineering

Duration : 4 years

Eligibility : XII’th Science with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths as subjects Students who have not chosen Maths as a subject in their XII’th will have to complete a bridge course in Maths at the university.


Biomedical Engineering is a combined study of biological sciences, engineering and medicine to improve human healthcare. It is concerned with the deployment of cutting-edge technologies for prognosis, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of the sick. It is a newer branch of engineering and is for those students who wish to pursue a career at the crossection of medicine and biology.

Biomedical engineers design, develop and maintain medical devices and equipment. They look after implants, prosthetics, instruments and materials for use in treatment of human ailment. Their work is helpful to the medical profession to diagnose and treat diseases, repair or replace damaged living tissue and provide life-support and life-enhancing tools. This branch of engineering covers the areas of biomedical instrumentation, tissue engineering and biomechanics. Examples of biomedical engineering include cardiac stents, knee implants, kidney dialsysis, tissue engineering, medical imaging devices such as MRI, CT Scanners, X-rays and other medical devices and systems.

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