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B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering Content

B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering

Specialisations in

Mechanical Design
Automobile Engineering

Duration : 4 Years

Eligibility : XII'th in Science


Machine is an integral part of human life today. In today's modern world, use of machine is ubiquitous, from agriculture to construction to aeronautics, from kitchens to factories, from hospitals to space, from crèche to cemetery; everywhere in the world life is impossible without mechanical gadgets.

Mechanical engineering is the pivotal and mainstream area of engineering and technology. Mechanical engineers conduct research, design and develop prototypes, carry out testing, and build devices. They help build a nation's infrastructure to create modern societies. The problems related to safety, energy insufficiency, speedy transportation, lowering costs of myriads of manufacturing processes, energy efficient and sustainable machines have always dreaded nations and brought about cataclysmic changes in their socio-economic and political lives. Mechanical engineers provide solutions to innumerable problems and contribute to bring in stability in a nation's life.

Mechanical engineering is a very wide discipline which has been evolving for last many decades. It consists of vast array of subjects ranging from physics, mathematics, design, fluid mechanics, thermo-dynamics, internal-combustion, instrumentation, hydraulics, pneumatics, material science, metallurgy, electricity, computer-aided design, nanotechnology, mechatronics and many more. Hence the mechanical engineers have a great scope to work in multiple fields. Mechanical engineering is the discipline of consistent innovations, dynamic thinking, 360 degree approach and indefatigable enthusiasm.

Our undergraduate program in BTech Mechanical Engineering endows you with the knowledge of several fundamental concepts related to Mechanical Engineering. Students receive multiple opportunities to learn in many ways, which include enriching class-room instruction by experienced professors, laboratory experiments, industry visits, workshop by industry professionals and real-time industry internships. At ADYPU, the students get to learn the concepts not only by the most efficient professors, but also by industry professionals and experts and international faculties; and above all, what students learn is not just within the four-walls of the school but they actually work on real-industry concepts.

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