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Master of Design Computer Interaction Design Content

Master of Design Computer Interaction Design

The roots of Interaction Design are in the domain of Human Computer Interaction. The Human Computer Interaction is defined as a discipline concerned with the design, evaluation and implementation of interactive computing systems for human use and with the study of major phenomena surrounding them” (ACM SIGCHI). Interaction design shapes interactive products and services for people’s use and behavior. The expanse of interaction design extends from computers to mobile devices to appliances to wearable technologies.

It is one of hottest areas of employment. The User Experience Design jobs ranked #14 on CNN's Money "Best Jobs in America 2015"!

Interaction designers envision new products, services and systems at the intersection of user needs [desirability], business needs [viability], and technology [feasibility]. The field employs a highly human centered approach to people and technology in best possible manner. The interactions designers define product / service / system behavior and create ensure a seamless relationship between people and products, people and environments, people and services and people and people.

Interaction designers are needed in virtually all kinds of industries as the role of technology embeds more and more in our daily lives. They are needed to shape our mobile device experiences, the apps we use, the online services that we engage with, the appliances that we use, the cars we drive, automation that we experience and many more such facets and work and private lives.

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