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Master of Design Engineering Product Design Content

Master of Design Engineering Product Design

Duration : 2 years, Full-Time

Eligibility : Graduation in any discipline of Engineering


This is a master’s level program specially designed for engineers. The program is aimed at creating product development leaders who create world-class, innovative products. The program provides advanced knowledge of industrial design and prepares students with knowledge and skills required to develop a new product or improve an existing product.

The competitive global environment of today necessitates that engineers should possess advanced knowledge and demonstrate superior skills to create competitive new products. Through an intensive learning experience, this unique program builds on the engineering knowledge already acquired by the students.

The program will expose the students to theory and practice of state-of-the-art product design and development through an array of specifically introduced topics coupled with hands-on skills, appropriate methods / toolkits and their application for a stated purpose.

Design has the power to change the world positively. It is a transformational force, which impacts how we live. Design is vital to create new value and to reinvent existing businesses. Through emphatic approaches it addresses environmental and social issues. It acts as a catalyst and a unifying force between different functions of an organization. It understands a given problem, reframes it and uncovers new opportunities.

Products play an integral role in our lives. Someone, somewhere conceives a utility, identifies a problem and provides a product solution to meet the purpose. In an organization, it is a structured activity to develop new products for an existing market or to create entirely new markets by introducing a distinctive product. Any new product development starts with knowing whether there is a gap in the market or there is a market for that gap. It considers whether it is possible to make the product technologically and over and above everything, seeks to know whether it is desirable to the people who are going to use it.

The program is grounded in diverse fields of knowledge, which acts together in conceiving and developing a new product. It follows an inter-disciplinary approach to address the broad range of issues facing an Industrial Designer such as marketing, corporate strategy, user research, aesthetics, manufacturing, user interaction, materials, etc. The program is designed in such a manner that it integrates these multiple disciplines and amalgamates with the core industrial design practice so as to enable the students to develop new ideas, concepts, products and solutions.

In today’s complex world, a mere product, which looks nice and functions well, is not enough. A product in order to be successful today needs to be much more than just an artifact. It should be part of a larger system and should have an emotional connect with its user. With changing times, the definition of a new product has expanded. It could be mass-manufactured product, or manufactured on demand; or it could combine a service, or it could be a limited edition product. The bottom line is that a product manifests in many forms and this program prepares you to tackle these varied requirements.

The program is centered around the three aspects of design i.e. design thinking, design making and design doing. Design thinking helps to find a problem, reframe a problem, understand people and realize their unmet needs. Design making focuses around design skills such as ideation, drawing, and sketching. Design doing is the final frontier where one understands the technical possibility, business feasibility associated with the concept and end up with digital and physical prototypes.

The program invites students who are passionate about developing innovative, cost effective products of high aesthetic value. The program prepares students to be exceptional and confident practitioners for the changing needs of the industry.

The program is ideal for an engineer as it provides real-world knowledge, theoretical and practical foundation of the product development process. It augments the engineering knowledge already acquired by the student with key set of design skills and knowledge. It prepares a student with smart product development capabilities.

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