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MBA Strategic Marketing Content

MBA Strategic Marketing

Duration : 2 Years

Eligibility : Bachelor's Degree in any suitable stream


Marketing defines the fundamental approach to overall decision making of the whole business enterprise. In a multi-component and multi-environment global business scenario, strategic approach to marketing gets the real importance. The world is rapidly changing and this reflects in consumer aspirations and demands. As customers become more fastidious and demanding, their expectations grow more complicated with a great need of strategic marketing needed to identify the market segment in order to respond to it efficiently. In today's multicultural business scenario, the manufacturers and marketing professionals have to study their markets more carefully and closely. In a country like India, where there is a huge variety in terms of market segments, the manufacturers need a thorough production and marketing plans in the absence of which the whole activity becomes meaningless.

Strategic Marketing is the major key to the success for each business. It consists of a innumerable tasks of strategic importance which include carrying out competitor analysis, product or service segment analysis, conducting research to discover needs and wants of people in a global market scenario, analyzing people's consumption behavior, designing product definitions, creating USPs, designing advertisement strategies to create new wants and needs in the market, creating product complaisance and generating constant demand in the market for products and services. In addition, strategic marketing professionals also carry out tasks like trending product and service usages, making people follow or unfollow certain products or services, analyzing data of product or service usages, understanding user-usage data and prognosticating the sales and profit related trends for the companies or organizations.

Highly successful marketing professionals understand the importance of both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of consumer and business markets. The Strategic Marketing Specialization delivers MBA students a diverse selection of courses to develop an intensive and extensive understanding of the fundamental concepts, basic theories and applications.

MBA's with this specialization are well prepared for careers in marketing management, brand management, innovative product and service designing, marketing research, sales, advertising, retailing, promotion etc. Students are equipped with the education and experience to become highly successful in both consumer and business marketing situations as well as to effectively operate in domestic and international markets. The academic experience is based on integrated approach of theory and practical or experiential learning. The students get to learn the concepts not only by the most efficient professors, but also by industry professionals, experts and international faculties. Eventually, the students also learn by actually working on real-industry assignments and tasks.

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