Prof. Dr. E. B. Khedkar

Prof. Dr. E. B. Khedkar

Vice Chancellor
Ajeenkya DY Patil University Pune, Maharashtra, India

Welcome to Ajeenkya D Y Patil University where excellence is cherished, pursued and celebrated. Conquering the global need we proudly introduce ourselves as comprehensive innovative University with a vision to create academic excellence and imbibe principles of humanity for welfare of the society. We are committed to fostering pioneering academic research, leadership and humanistic culture for holistic growth of stakeholder’s.

Having witnessed change in markets worldwide and with an academic and industrial experience of more than 28 years, I believe education merely is not a degree to accumulate but means to livelihood, I am in-debt to gratify these ever-changing market requisites by providing customized education to ensure sustainability in global economy.

Being futuristic, one thing is sure - information will be a key asset and will profoundly be looked upon. Our test is to help to produce thoughts that will advantage society and to instruct and train individuals to work in fields where they will be esteemed both for their particular learning, and for their capacity to research, impart and tackle issues.

As Vice Chancellor of Ajeenkya D Y Patil University, I am committed to equipping the students with the best resources to provide you with an education that will enable you to be successful in all areas of your life with the skill sets necessary for you to be competitive and successful among a growing tsunami of globalization.

We aim to prepare a knowledge workforce comparable to the best in the world through instruction in the cutting edge technology. The need of the 21st century is to give students a comprehensive education fostering intellectual, social and aesthetic development. We aim to train students holistically by encouraging them to strive hard towards excellence in every field and also to inculcate awareness of their responsibilities towards society. Industry exposure provides these students the opportunity to work on current industry problems and to learn to thrive in the dynamic Work Environments. Academic environment, intellectual capital, physical infrastructure, industry interface placement, and career-oriented education, innovative courses are some of the important dimensions of the quality of an Innovative University, we strive for the same. Students - the major stakeholders are always at the center of the innovative University. Our faculty, industry experts, staff, students are committed to the innovative University’s core values and guiding principles.

By working nearly with our gatherings, we are pleased to assume an administration part in invigorating society's creativity and social life, upgrading advancement and financial flourishing, adding to enhancements in the wellbeing and prosperity of the populace, and cultivating the verbal confrontation and autonomous suspecting that portray our country.

One way for us to prepare for and be competitive in the global marketplace is to ensure that Ajeenkya D Y Patil University takes a strong leadership role in the education system. To start, we need to determine what we can do to better prepare our students for an enterprise that requires global skills.

We invite you to utilize this segment to figure out additional about these courses in which we connect with our gathering.

We wish to keep this flow up and build up the University in a way that is relevant, contextual and motivating.


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